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Introduced by residents of Islip, but supported by Residents Across New York State!

The New York H.O.P.E. Act (Hiring Outstanding Professionals in Education) has

3 Key Components

Education Reform
  • Public Postings for All Positions

  • Scored Competitive Selection Processes

  • Prohibits Appointments Without Proper Certification

  • Prohibits Discrimination and Favoritism According to Protected Class

  • Prohibits Automatic Hiring of Substitutes to Probationary Positions

  • Limits Acting and Interim Appointments to One Year in Duration

  • Increases the Statute of Limitations for Civil and Human Rights Violations in Public Schools from 1 year to 3 years.

Civil Rights Reform
  • Expands the list of protected classes for public contracts and accommodations.

  • Increases the fines for criminal civil rights violations.

  • Expands the list of penal codes covered by civil rights law.

  • Establishes a period of tolling the statute of limitation while under review by a civil rights agency.

Human Rights Reform
  • Prohibits Violations of Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations as Discriminatory

  • Strictly Defines Exemptions as Employment Qualifications and Lawful Contracts

  • Prohibits Protected-Class Advantages in Hiring and Contracts

  • Prohibits Violations of Civil Rights Federal Laws

  • Defines Elements of Disparate Treatment, Disparate Impact and Malicious Treatment

  • Outlaws Non-Competitive Public Contracts worth over $50,000 annually as Discriminatory

  • Prohibits Protected Class Discrimination over Statutory or Published Minimal/Required Qualification

  • Establishes a period of tolling the statute of limitation while under review by a human rights agency.

For more information or to send a letter of support email or any member of our leadership team: Islip Town NAACP: Bill Moss

Assemblywoman Solages’ Office: Nesta Littlejohn
Senator Sanders’ Office: Paul Alexander

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