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Our Activity

Long Island Legacy Gala 2023
Long Island Legacy Gala 2022
Long Island Legacy Gala Journal 2022

Long Island Legacy Gala 2021
Long Island Legacy Gala Journal 2021
New York HOPE Act, Teacher Excellence & Teacher Diversity
Back to School / Stay in School Rally
Black History Month Celebration
NAACP Scholars Program
Women's History Month Celebration
Economic Development Workshop
Health Workshops
Juneteenth Celebrations
ACT-SO Talent Contest Grades 9-12
National Convention Attendance
New York State Conference Attendance
Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
Computers for Kids Campaign
You can see pictures and flyers from our Past Events Here.

We also have Galleries of Pictures of Past Events and Endeavors for You to Enjoy.


Academic, Cultural, Technological, & Scientific Olympics

Mentoring program and talent contest for students of African descent grades 9-12. Click Here for more details.

Almost 300,000 young people
have participated 
ACTSO since its inception.
"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

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