William King Moss III


Bill Moss has been president of the Islip Town Branch for 7 years. He is a school administrator and former math teacher in the Brentwood School District. His strength is program development and diversity, equity & inclusion in public schools. A descendent first cousin of Zora Neale Hurston, Bill is one of few living Harvard College graduates with a bachelors in education.

Edward Groce

Vice President

Edward Groce has been a vice-president of Islip Town Branch for 4 years. He is a Suffolk County Police Officer and runs the Police Athletic League. He is responsible for bringing us sports like boxing, football, basketball etc. for our local youth. Ed serves as our executive supervisor for our criminal justice and legal committees and initiatives.

Michele Robinson

2nd Vice President

Michele Robinson has been a vice president for the past 5 years. She is a retired New York City school principal and serves as our executive supervisor of our youth and education committees and initiatives.

Donovan Currey

3rd Vice President

Donovan Currey has served as a vice president for the past 5 years. He is a native of Jamaica and the son of Kingston's first Black mayor. Donovan is the executive supervisor of our political action, civic engagement, and community related committees and initiatives.

Dorine Glenn


Dorine Glenn has been an officer of the Branch for 5 years. She is a graduate of Bay Shore Senior High School and earned her bachelors degree in sociology from SUNY Old Westbury. Dorine currently works at Fairfield Properties. She has volunteered with both the Back to School Rally and Legacy Gala committees.

Jessica Washington

Assistant Secretary

Jessica Washington has served as an officer of the Branch for 7 years. She has co-chaired the Legacy Gala committee, and volunteered with the Back to School Rally, running the all important registration process for families in need.

Helen Moss


Helen R. Moss has been treasurer of the Islip Town Branch for over 10 years. Ms. Moss has been an active member in the civic life of Islip Town serving as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church and as the first Black, first woman of color and first woman of Latin American decent to be president of Brentwood School Board.

Camille Serrano

Assistant Treasurer

Camille Serrano has served as an officer of the Branch for 7 years. Camille is a retired corrections officer and currently works as an independent educator for students with different abilities.

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P.O.Box 577
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